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Health & safety policy

Health and safety policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide for the well-being of Appletree Clinic’s employees, patients, guests, as well as itself. Appletree Clinic is committed to providing a safe working environment that will help maintain employee health, increase productivity, minimise lost work time, and reduce costs.

This policy outlines Appletree Clinic’s overall approach and commitment for dealing with health and safety within the company. Appletree Clinic will identify, fix and control any hazards present in the work environment. This policy prohibits any improper conduct or behaviour that would put the health, safety and welfare of our employees at risk. Appletree Clinic seeks to create a relaxed and easy work environment amongst employees and its customers.

All employees, customers, vendors, subcontractors, and visitors.

HAZARD – something that could cause harm to people.
RISK – the chance – however large or small – that a hazard could cause harm.

a. Employer Responsibilities
Maintain a healthy and safe environment for employees to work, which includes following all statutory requirements.
b. Employee Responsibilities
Report any potential hazards to management, obeying all mandatory regulations and company procedures, and assisting in maintaining a safe work environment.
c. Training
Appletree Clinic is committed to training all employees on health, hazards, and prevention of accidents and injuries to themselves and others.
d. Safety and Security
Appletree Clinic will not tolerate any type of workplace violence committed by or against any employee. All persons determined to have committed such acts will be subject to corrective actions up to and including termination.
e. Reporting Hazards and/or Violence
Employees are required to report all accidents, hazards or threats to management immediately. The incident is then to be investigated and documented so that the appropriate actions can be taken.

Appletree Clinic holds Public Liability Insurance for £5 million.