Rachel Stearn, spinal specialist
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When you just need a quick chat

Remote consultation

Sometimes a short conversation on Zoom or by phone is more practical than visiting the clinic.

This type of consultation is for up to 15 minutes.

After every consultation we'll write to you to confirm our assessment, recommendations and detailing any referrals, and send a copy to your GP - if you'd like us to.

And we'll keep in touch with you to check whatever comes next is working for you, and to support you on your journey towards a future free of back and neck pain.

Click on the BOOK link to register with us and to make an appointment for a remote consultation. We look forward to seeing (or hearing) you!
If our clinic times don't suit you, please contact us to advise of your preferred day and time, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Please be aware that, as detailed on this website, we offer a diagnostic and triaging service. We aim to help get to the root of your spine or neck problem, and advise on and support appropriate steps towards recovery and/or the relief of pain. We do not ourselves offer treatment directly, other than prescribing medication.